Aileen Mountifield Nominated For The Women Of The West Awards


Aileen Mountifield – one of the chosen few

Founder and Executive Director of the Lisa Harnum Foundation, Aileen Mountifield is nominated for the Women of the West Awards.

Ms. Mountifield said it was humbling to be one of 23 women nominated for the award.

Those nominees have achieved so much. I am very humbled to be in their presence, to be honest. They don’t seek acclaim.

These awards give women a voice to spread their message.

That’s why it’s so important to have a greater platform for women to speak, to promote whatever cause or passion they’re involved in.

Instead of putting the focus on me, I want to put it on the issue of domestic violence and the work of the foundation.

We talk a lot about women suffering physical abuse, but not as much about those experiencing spiritual abuse, emotional abuse, or financial abuse. I want to shine a light on that.”

Passion to educate the community to stop domestic violence

Aileen’s passion of helping people suffering from domestic violence does not stop at just helping those families and women affected by domestic violence situation.

She wants to to prevent and end the cycle of abuse by education and social change. Aileen said,

The key objective I have is to bring education into schools, to prevent domestic violence occurring as children get older.

With the aim of changing attitudes while children are still young, the foundation intends to develop a pioneer education model in The Hills that could be rolled out to primary schools.”

The winners in the Women of the West awards will be announced at the University’s International Women’s Day celebration on Friday, March 18.

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