Castle Hill High Schools Join White Ribbon Day March

Domestic violence is a scourge facing our society … dr-seuss-1

To acknowledge this, Castle Hill High School teachers and students participated in a White Ribbon March on Wednesday November 25 with other community members.

Afterwards, a break-fast was hosted for over 350 people at the Castle Hill RSL, to hear stories from police, domestic violence survivors and community outreach personnel. Police superintendents, local politicians, the mayor, a number of local schools and many sporting and recreational clubs were in attendance, all with the same message: it is time to stop this “domestic terrorism” and it’s time for all members of the community to stand up to voice opposition.

Actions are more important than words

To that end, the audience was introduced to a new sanctuary in Castle Hill, as part of The Lisa Harnum Foundation (you may recall that Lisa Harnum was brutally murdered by her partner) for women seeking refuge.

Ms Simone Read, one of our tremendous visual arts teachers and Year 12 student, Nicole Francia, painted the beautiful murals that adorn the transitional housing. Their work is a wonderful contribution to this worthy and important cause.

Creatively Supporting The Community

A person’s a person no matter how small’ – Dr Suess.

The Lisa Harnum Foundation supports and empowers families affected by domestic violence while striving to prevent and end the cycle of abuse through education and social change. They aim to be part of a community in which domestic violence is eradicated for everyone by everyone.

Aileen Mountifield is the founder and Executive Director of the Lisa Harnum Foundation. She brings years of senior management experience along with extensive community work and establishment of programmes for abused women.

The Foundation has been given two cottages at St Michaels Family Centre to house fami-lies that need assistance. Aileen was looking for artists to paint a mural in the children’s playroom in one of the cottages and put this request on social media. As soon as the post was brought to my attention I (Mrs Simone Read Visual Arts Teacher) made an appointment to meet with Aileen.

Nicole Francia of Year 12 enthusiastically agreed to be a part of this and together we created a room we hope the children will enjoy. I would like to congratulate Nicole on her professionalism, highly artistic talents, kindness and will to make a difference. She is an inspirational young lady!


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