Emergency Services

These emergency services provide immediate help, information and/or referral


Domestic abuse or violence emergency services

This section lists contact details for services that can assist you in a crisis.
It is important to remember that, following a crisis, you need to take time to heal.

The Domestic Violence Line 1800 656 463 can refer you to counsellors who may assist you in processing and coping with your experiences.

It is ok to ask for help at any point in your life.

Police and/or Ambulance

If you are in immediate danger, call Triple Zero 000. Interpreters and translators are available. When you call, say ‘interpreter’ and the language you speak so an interpreter can come on the phone.

Domestic Violence Line

Contact if you ever feel that you, or a friend or family member need to talk to someone about domestic violence. Caseworkers can refer you to the nearest women’s refuge.

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