Staying In Your Home But Ending The Relationship


Domestic abuse – staying in your home but ending the relationship.

Staying Home Leaving Violence is a long-term support program that removes the violent person allowing you and your children to remain safely in your home.

Staying Home Leaving Violence caseworkers:

  • help you work with police and the courts to remove your violent partner;
  • support you through the separation;
  • help with housing and money matters; and
  • improve your family’s safety.

In addition, caseworkers from the NSW Domestic Violence Line can help you work out what extra services you need. Contact them on 1800 65 64 63.

Further information

To prevent your violent partner from returning to the home, you can apply for an Apprehended Violence Order (AVO) that includes an ‘exclusion order’. Your local domestic violence court advocacy worker can help you arrange this at your local court. See the ‘Who to Talk To‘ section on this app for further information.

For people renting their homes, the law allows that if there is an AVO the victim may take over the tenancy and change the locks or security devices yourself, providing a copy of the key to the landlord.

Staying Home Leaving Violence is a free service that operates in 18 communities across NSW. For the contact details of the Staying Home Leaving Violence program in your area, click here.

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