Domestic Violence Education Needs To Start At Primary School

 Video |  White Ribbon Day project for young school boys

Bankstown Youth Development Service was working on a creative and early intervention project with Year 5 Students at Bankstown Public School in the months leading up to White Ribbon Day in 2014.

These students were educated on the impacts and statistics about violence against women and then developed a song about respecting women and standing up to end violence against women.

Let’so congratulate Bankstown Youth Development Service on another successful project which has really made a difference in the lives of these young men and their families.

Please take the time to watch this short video and share with your networks.


  1. Yes, education needs to start early. High school is WAY too late …

  2. Starting within the next 30 days, all league and team personnel — including executives, coaches, players and staff — will participate in education sessions on domestic violence and sexual assault. These initial sessions will begin to provide the men and women of the NFL with information and tools to understand and recognize domestic violence and sexual assault.

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