How To Report Domestic And Family Violence To The Police

For urgent assistance, when it is occurring now or when there is an immediate fear of it about to happen, treat as an Emergency and call ‘000’ – Police / Ambulance / Fire

Call ‘000’ – Ask for Police.

What do Police need to know?

The operator will ask a number of questions. Ensure you give concise details or answers to the best of your ability to the following:

  • Location or address.
  • Type of premises, eg house, unit and on which level.
  • What is actually happening now?
  • Your knowledge of any firearms in the premises or produced by any person.
  • The whereabouts of the offender, ie. Are they still at the location?
  • Number of children present and their whereabouts.
  • Has alcohol or drugs been consumed?
  • Does any person have a medical or psychiatric history?
  • Is there an Enforceable AVO in place?
  • Relationship of the persons, if known.

All information provided is extremely important to the safety of the victims and police, alike. Incidents of family and domestic violence represent the most dangerous of all incidents attended by police.

When the Violence is Experienced by a Neighbour, Friend or Relative.

You do not have to provide your name when reporting an incident that is occurring or that you suspect is occurring. If you know someone who is or you suspect is a victim and is in need of urgent assistance, YOU can call the Police on ‘000’ and remain anonymous.

When Violence is not Threatened at the time, but there is a need to get Advice and Assistance.

Telephone or attend your Local Police Station and speak to a police officer at the station or the DVLO.

If you do not wish to speak to Police in the first instance, then call the Domestic Violence Line – 24 hour/7 day
on 1800 65 64 63 or one of the services listed under Help and Support Resources.