Many Women’s Refuges Closing

Going Home Staying Home reforms by NSW Government


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As some of you are aware the NSW State Government has introduced new reforms – Going Home Staying Home.

These reforms have resulted in a substantial number of women’s refuges having to close their doors as the new funding was allocated to four major organisations:

  • St. Vincent de Paul
  • Wesley Mission
  • Mission Australia
  • Salvation Army.

It is calculated that 62% of these tenders has gone to theses charities either as lead agencies or as partners.

336 individual services have been consolidated into 149 “new service packages.” (And that does not include the number of services that have lost their funding altogether.)

The tendering process has come in to question

$11 million of the $16 million handed out went to the four major organisations which, incidentally, was by an invitation only tender process.

Domestic violence is the largest cause of homelessness

This reform will only increase the number of women and children fleeing from domestic violence and having nowhere to go.

50,000 signatures needed for petition

Several M.P.’s including Alex Greenwich and the A.L.P.’s Linda Burney, Sophie Costis and candidate Verity Firth are organising a petition, which requires 50,000 signatures, to call for a parliamentary debate on the outcome of the tenders.

As someone who is passionate about the varied consequences relating to domestic violence and the fact that refuges, which have successfully supported women and girls for many years, no longer exist, causes me great concern.

I am asking if you would be willing to sign the petition in support and to also ask any of your work colleagues and friends to also sign.

You can find the petition on

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