Our Watch: Ending The National Emergency Of Domestic Violence

Our Watch is a national body with a 20 year campaign strategy that aims to prevent violence against women and their children.

In launching the organisation, the largest of its kind in Australia, chairwoman and Ambassador for Women and Girls Natasha Stott-Despoja last week described the issue of domestic violence as a “national emergency”.

This video, ‘Our Watch’, reveals the urgency of the situation in confronting detail:

Statistics and Research show domestic violence rates are at a 15-year high.

“There’s a reason the World Health Organisation has said violence against women is an epidemic and it’s about time we addressed it,” Ms Stott-Despoja said.

“Together we are working towards seeing an Australia that will look very different in 20 years time. We hope we will see an Australia in which all communities reject violence against women and children.”
A list of celebrities including comedian and television presenter Charlie Pickering, actor Shane Jacobsen and author Tara Moss appear in the Our Watch video to support the campaign.

Those who have experienced domestic violence first hand also feature in the moving clip, including Rosie Batty, whose son Luke was killed by his father, Ms Batty’s her former husband Greg Anderson, in February this year.

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