Who Experiences Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence does not have a type infographic-what-to-do

People experience domestic and family violence across all age groups, economic levels, ethnic backgrounds and across all kinds of relationships.

Domestic violence is about power and control and is primarily perpetrated by men against women.

However, domestic violence is not limited to one type of relationship or one social group. Domestic violence can affect anyone in the community, regardless of age, sexual or gender identity, race, culture, ethnicity, disability, religion, economic status or location.

Various types of relationships are recognised within the category of ‘domestic’ including:

  • former and current marriage and de facto partnerships
  • intimate personal relationships (boyfriend or girlfriend)
  • long term residents in the same residential facility
  • carers, relatives, and in the case of Aboriginal people, extended family or kin.

It does not matter whether the relationship is past or current.

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