• The Purple Nail Tribe Campaign

    A domestic violence initiative for men


    Men for your eyes only

    Silence allows domestic abuse to increase.

    The Purple Nail Tribe, an empowering movement that originated with a simple yet powerful idea. For your eyes only, men, we present an opportunity to break the silence surrounding domestic abuse. The Purple Nail Tribe encourages everyday men to contribute to ending this national epidemic by initiating a much-needed dialogue.

    The Conversation

    Break the Silence, Paint the Change: The Purple Nail Tribe invites men to break the silence and contribute to ending domestic abuse. Pledge, paint, and proudly display the purple ring finger to spark conversations and support survivors. Join us in making a tangible difference in the fight against domestic violence.



    The Pledge

    I pledge to help end domestic abuse and the silence surrounding it.

    To signify this pledge, I will paint my ring finger of my left hand purple and

    display it with pride to initiate an important conversation around this issue.


    By making this pledge I will donate either a ‘one off’ donation of $20 or $10 on an

    ongoing weekly basis to the Lisa Harnum Foundation.

    I commit to doing my part to give survivors of domestic abuse the encouragement and

    support that they need to rebuild their lives


    30 July 2024

    This year we are launching our Purple Nail Tribe campaign on July 30, the anniversary date of Lisa Harnum’s death.



  • DV Statistics Australia


    An estimated 8 millions Australians (41%) have experienced violence (physical and/or sexual) since the age of 15.


    In NSW, there are approximately 2,500 reports of domestic violence to the police every month, likely representing only 40% of actual incidents due to underreporting (NCOSS, 2020).


    Number of domestic violence related assault offences from January 2022 to December 2022 – 33, 410 incidents.


    In 2023, 75 women have been killed, an increase of 34% 5 days between each death on average.