• About the Lisa Harnum Foundation




    Established in 2014 by Aileen Mountifield, the Lisa Harnum Foundation was named in memory of Lisa Harnum, who tragically lost her life after being thrown off a balcony by her fiancé. This incident unfolded within a pattern of escalating coercive control, beginning with love-bombing, progressing to isolating Lisa from her support network, and culminating in the removal of her financial independence and ability to seek assistance, ultimately resulting in complete control over her every action.



    Lisa Harnum Foundation’s Vision is for all women and children to live safely – free from fear and from violence.


    The LHF envisions a world where women and children can thrive without fear or abuse, and we are committed to achieving this goal by preventing family violence and breaking the cycle of abuse. Through education and social change, we aim to create a society where everyone can feel safe and respected.


    We are driven by a deep sense of compassion for those living in fear of violence, and we are passionate about helping them find the freedom to flourish and feel empowered. Our organisation operates with the utmost integrity, and we strive to exceed expectations in all that we do, from providing safe spaces to advocating for change.


    We prioritise the needs of the people we serve, listening to their experiences and embracing their unique situations. Our goal is to eradicate the impact of family violence on individuals, families, and communities, and we are committed to achieving this through ethical and innovative approaches.




    At the Lisa Harnum Foundation, we are committed to preventing family violence and breaking the cycle of abuse through education and social change. As a domestic violence organisation, we provide Safe Rooms, case management, counseling, education, and monthly group support. Our mission is to offer safe and secure spaces that respect and restore the dignity of those who have lived in fear. Through advocacy and comprehensive support, we strive for a community where family violence is eradicated for everyone, by everyone.


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    We are inspired by the need to help others living in fear and violence and passionate about helping them find the freedom to flourish and feel empowered

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    We are ethical, compassionate and honest in our mission to eradicate the impact that family violence has on individuals, families and communities.

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    We exceed expectations in all that we do - from the safe rooms we deliver, to the advocacy we undertake - we do what's right by the women and children we represent and hold our head high in the pursuit of innovative change.

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    We put people first, listen to their experiences and embrace their situations so that we can help them finding their way to freedom.

  • Our Board Members

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    Aileen Mountifield

    Founder Lisa Harnum Foundation

    Aileen's passion for supporting women and families in domestic violence situations led Aileen to establish a foundation that supports and educates women and families in the Hills Shire of NSW, where support services are limited.


    Aileen brings years of senior management experience, along with extensive community work and the establishment of pioneering programmes for vulnerable people and abused women.


    At a crossroad, Aileen trained and worked as a community based chaplain for ten years, facilitating programmes for women who had experienced some form of abuse. It was then that Aileen vowed to do more to bring an end to domestic and family violence.

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    Frank Sedmak

    Frank is an extensively experienced and successful senior HR executive, specialising in leading small, medium and large teams working in complex, multi-layered environments. Partnering with the executive and board to lead, define and implement strategic HR and people plans and solutions to deliver business outcomes and uplift organisational culture and performance to meet business objectives.


    He has worked in the For Purpose sector for almost 30 years and as a HR practitioner for 40 years, working in the banking, retail, transport, manufacturing, IT, all three levels of government, aged care and disability services. He has been a director of the Lisa Harnum Foundation for almost 10 years and Chairperson for 8 years.

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    Julliana Creswell

    Julianna is a solicitor with Papantoniou Blake Lawyers in Toongabbie and has been a criminal law solicitor since her admission to the Supreme Court in 2002. A former regional Law Society President and former Rotary President, Julianna has dedicated her life to improving access to the justice system and bettering society.


    Throughout her career she has helped countless victims of crime through the Court process and to obtain compensation, also leading offenders down the path of rehabilitation and restitution.

    In addition to helping adults Julianna has also represented many children and as part of that process has been involved in many programs to help disadvantaged adults and children, such as Breakfast Club which provides transport to school and free breakfast to children in regional New South Wales. In addition to her criminal practice, she also has experience in a range of other legal areas including care and protection, litigation, family law and wills and estates.


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    Evelyne Wilton

    Evelyne Wilton, the CEO of H2H Collective, a Digital AI Marketing Agency, also serves as a Business Growth Strategist. Her dedication to catalysing growth and success in business extends beyond her professional endeavours.


    Evelyne has committed her expertise to the Lisa Harnum Foundation, bringing her strategic vision to enhance the foundation's marketing efforts and overall growth.


    With a profound passion for the well-being of women who have experienced domestic violence, Evelyne envisions a future where survivors are not only restored but also empowered.


    Her involvement with the Lisa Harnum Foundation reflects a deep commitment to making a tangible impact on the lives of those affected by domestic violence.


    Evelyne's strategic acumen, combined with her heartfelt dedication, contributes significantly to the Lisa Harnum Foundation's mission. Her role goes beyond traditional business strategies, embodying a commitment to social responsibility and advocacy for survivors of domestic violence. Through her work, Evelyne strives to create a supportive environment where women can rebuild their lives and emerge stronger from their experiences.

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    Maria Valenzuela

    Maria Venezuela, Partner in Family and Relationship Law at Hammond Nguyen Turnbull, is a dedicated specialist in family law, focusing on divorce, separation, property and financial settlements, custody or parenting arrangements, and complex family law issues.


    Beyond her professional endeavours, Maria has made a significant impact by assisting numerous clients from the Lisa Harnum Foundation with their personal cases. Her commitment to supporting individuals facing challenging situations underscores her dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of those she serves.


    Maria's multifaceted commitment to legal expertise, client support, and mental health advocacy reflects her vision for a compassionate and thriving legal community.

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    Philip Watson

    Phillip Watson brings nearly four decades of comprehensive experience in the general insurance industry, with a strong background that includes tenures with the IAG and Suncorp Groups.


    As a qualified Insurance Broker, Phillip's wealth of knowledge enhances his ability to contribute meaningfully to the Lisa Harnum Foundation.


    In addition to his professional achievements, Phillip has dedicated a decade of service as a Lion and currently holds the esteemed position of President of Lions International within his community. His longstanding commitment to community service aligns seamlessly with the values upheld by the Lisa Harnum Foundation.


    In 2023, recognising his extensive background in non-profit organisations and business management, Phillip was appointed as a Board member for the Lisa Harnum Foundation. His strategic insights and commitment to community welfare make him a valuable asset to the foundation, furthering its mission to support those affected by domestic violence.


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    Scott Rogan

    Scott brings over 30 years of investigative experience across law enforcement, anti-corruption bodies, and private industry. A former NSW Police Officer, Scott has led major crime investigations and commanded teams targeting drug supply and other serious crimes. He notably led the investigation into the 2005 Macquarie Fields incident.


    Scott's career also includes roles with the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) and the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (ACLEI), where he directed operations and joint task forces addressing corruption and trans-national crime. Most recently, he worked with the NSW Ombudsman on systemic maladministration investigations.


    Internationally, Scott serves on two UN investigation panels and has extensive experience in WHS safety, security incident investigations, and serious workplace misconduct.

    He has conducted investigations for NSW RMS, NSW Rural Fire Service, various local councils, private companies, and NGOs, including as a Reportable Conduct Investigator. Scott is also on the panel of investigators for Sport Integrity Australia.


    He is also co-hosting a true crime podcast - Watching Two Detectives. 


    Scott will join the board of the Lisa Harnum Foundation to facilitate the growth strategy and oversee governance, compliance, and risk management, particularly in relation to the Safe Room projects.


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    Peter Hogan

    Peter is a former detective and senior NSW Police Officer with extensive experience in complex criminal investigations, security management, and emergency response.


    Throughout his career, Peter has responded to countless domestic violence incidents, witnessing firsthand the devastation they cause to innocent women and children. His commitment has always been and remains, victim-focused.


    Since retiring, Peter co-hosts the True Crime Podcast ‘Watching Two Detectives,’ which aims to provide victims' families a platform to tell their stories and shift the narrative away from offenders. The podcast seeks to uncover the truth and give victims a voice.


    The tragic murder of Lisa Harnum deeply resonated with Peter, motivating him to support the vital work of Aileen and the Lisa Harnum Foundation. Dedicated to ending domestic and family violence, Peter is determined to amplify the voices of victims.


    Peter will be instrumental in the growth strategy of the Lisa Harnum Foundation, leveraging his expertise and passion to further the foundation’s mission and support its initiatives.

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    Dave Moreton

    Dave Moreton leads Rouse Hill Town Centre for the GPT Group, bringing nearly a decade of experience in various leadership roles within GPT’s NSW shopping centres. Prior to GPT, Dave worked for Westfield, Bonds, and spent 18 years in the UK with Lee and Wrangler jeans, where he ultimately served as Commercial Director for the UK and Ireland.


    Dave is committed to delivering excellent financial results for owners while creating outstanding experiences for customers, retailers, and the community. He collaborates with local leaders to host diverse events and support important causes, such as the Starlight Foundation, Reach Out, Hills Community Aid, and the Lisa Harnum Foundation.


    Active in his Northern Beaches community, Dave has held several roles at the Mona Vale Surf Club, including VP of Youth and VP of Surf Sports, and continues to assist with property-related projects. Alongside his family, he also participates in surf patrols and volunteers at the club bar.


    Impressed by the Lisa Harnum Foundation's work under Aileen Mountfield's leadership, Dave is honored to be considered for the board, aiming to contribute to the foundation's mission and growth.

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    Joanne Yates - Ambassador

    Joanne Yates Joins the Lisa Harnum Foundation as our official Ambassador


    Joanne brings a wealth of experience in strategic advice, policy development, advocacy, and stakeholder engagement across government, industry, and civil society organisations. With a strong leadership background, Joanne has consistently demonstrated her ability to manage complexity, mentor others, and establish collaborative networks to achieve positive outcomes.


    She has served as Acting Deputy CEO at People with Disability Australia, but currently is the Board Chair at the Centre for Women's Economic Safety (CFWES) , and with a notable history in various high-level roles, Joanne's expertise and dedication will be invaluable to our mission.


    Her deep understanding of government processes and her significant experience with boards and committees make her a perfect fit for our organisation.


  • Annual Reports

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